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Autumn stomach is cold, 6 cookbook help you raise the world of gastric _ cate

Autumn stomach is cold, 6 cookbook help you raise a stomach

2018-11-07 15:11:44

In this cold season, a lot of people because dietary problem, always be the circumstance with occurrence cold stomach, and occurrence stomach is cold if was not being recuperated in time, it is very big that its endanger a gender, so it what you know in Qiu Dong season eats is OK that you know in Qiu Dong season eats is remedial stomach cold? Small today make up recommend a few to be able to treat the dietotherapy with cold stomach with everybody square, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody.

The dietotherapy with remedial cold stomach square

Honey ginger black tea

Material: Leaf of ginger of honey, old boy, black tea.

Practice: Put black tea leaf together with old boy ginger first, join tea of decoct of a few clear water next, the temperature that waits for water becomes low one hind the honey agitate with right amount rejoin, can warm honey ginger black tea of the stomach is made together so finished.

Soup of pig abdomen old ginger

Material: Pig abdomen, Laojiang.

Practice: After cleaning pig abdomen clean first, cut a paragraph next a paragraph, again pig abdomen is put after Laojiang is abluent inside. Clear water is entered in boiler, put stuff stew in boiler boil squashy can put right amount flavoring.

Arenaceous benevolence the cinnamonic Niu Yue that stew is exhibited

Material: Arenaceous benevolence, cinnamonic, Niu Yue is exhibited, dried tangerine or orange peel, ginger.

Practice: After scraping cinnamonic thick skin first again abluent; Arenaceous benevolence abluent later break into pieces; Dried tangerine or orange peel follows ginger abluent; Put into the biscuit in gauze to wrap entirely next. Niu Yue is exhibited abluent later cross hot water, next reoccupy cold water rinses stripping and slicing. Put all stuff into the handleless cup that stew inside, add right amount clear water, use again lie between water to stew boiled kind to stew the flavoring with the right amount rejoin after boiling 2 hours slowly can.

Soup of silk of turnip of clear lung shelled fresh shrimps

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