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Winter drive cold preserve one’s health eats dawdle to fry the world of cate of lean lean _

Winter drive cold preserve one’s health eats dawdle to fry lean lean

2016-12-23 17:18:02

Since since entering a winter small make up share pass a barrier to wait for arrange at Xianggu mushroom, dawdle for many times with everybody, because winter suits to eat black food very much, below small make up everybody to share a dawdle to fry lean lean, read the specific means that make together!

Feed capable person: New worry, lean lean, sweet green, unripe pink, soy, oily, right amount salt


1, after buying new worry in the market, put in clear water first inside immerse a little while

2, lean lean is washed clean, slice shape

3, put in the bowl then, join right amount unripe pink and soy, have mix, put in the bowl to reserve after mix is even can

4, paragraphs of small account is cut after sweet green is washed clean, put in the bowl to reserve

5, after dawdle immerses, wash its clean, cut two half can

6, right amount oil is added in boiler, avert conflagration

7, put in lean lean then break up fry, a little while later can install dish

8, put in dawdle next undertake breaking up frying, break up fry about the same when put in lean lean, break up together fry, the sweet green that has cut and right amount salt are joined to undertake flavorring before giving boiler can

Small make up clew:

1, new worry is put in clear water inside it is OK to immerse the salt that put a drop goes in, such facilitating from the back scour fungus, can wash neatly

2, dawdle nutrition rich, flavour is delicious, rich vitamin D is contained in dawdle, the development of OK and very good stimulative skeleton.

3, often eat dawdle to have effect of very good sanitarian preserve one’s health in winter.

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