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Dry of autumnal easy bowel eats 5 kinds of food to be able to alleviate quickly the world of costive _ cate

Dry of autumnal easy bowel eats 5 kinds of food to be able to alleviate quickly constipation

2016-09-18 17:22:33

Autumn, long-term constipation or abdominal distension not only painful, pose a few health and skin problem very easily also. This also is nowadays the reason that people takes the tall fiber food in food seriously more and more. Husband of motor of Indian health expert points out, need to absorb the fiber of 26 grams only everyday, OK and clean system of your intestines and stomach, alleviate costive symptom. Follow below small make up know these magical food together.

Food crops food grains other than wheat and rice

Rich prandial fiber is contained in waiting for food like cornmeal, bran, unpolished rice. Although their mouthfeel is bad, but be to be able to have positive effect the body to you. Breakfast eats some of complete cereal food, go to the lavatory simply again, OK and rapid contented body is right the demand of cellulose.


Legume contains a lot ofprandial fiber, the United States ” appetite ” the discovery of a research that the magazine publishs, legume conduces to the digestion that makes a health. Join the person that try to eat 113 grams chick-pea everyday, 12 Zhou Zhi hind, its defecate more the rule, digestion is more healthy also. Additional, eat pea, chick-pea and kidney bean to wait more, still can help in reducing blood ” bad ” cholesterol content, reduce heart disease risk.


Eat carrot raw to be able to help aid digestion, its salad of make it vegetables and fruits also is right choice. If want to eat the carrot that thoroughly cook, advantage is can raise gastric moisten the respiratory tract more, disadvantage is vitamin of meeting loss share and cellulose. Accordingly, water boils carrot to must note good time, cannot boil too long.


“Everyday one apple, the doctor is far from me. ” this word has scientific reason. The apple is a kind of fruit that contains a lot ofcellulose, can avoid defecate constipate effectively. Additional, the vitamin C content in the apple is very much also, not only can protect a heart and vessels, return the burnish of skin water embellish that can let you.


Pear is one of fruits with cellulose highest content, in airing content the fall of dry can have moist effect more. Eat pear raw to be able to alleviate apparently sound is dark dumb reach costive symptom, a large number of eduction of the carcinogen inside stimulative human body. a pear evaporate is ripe can rise to relieve a cough the effect of make expectoration easy. The autumn eats 34 pear every week, purify a system effectively, make your intestines and stomach more ” light ” .

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