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Fashionable MM recalls the world of cate of _ of 9 kinds of food that hold in both hands

Fashionable MM chases after 9 kinds of provision that boost

2012-02-07 14:05:05

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The pursuit of food of 21 centuries mankind also will produce a series of change. People feeds what value respect of the following nine more category.

One, green food

21 centuries, human general with ” pure natural ” , ” free from contamination ” serve as food measure a level. Biology agriculture of Germany, organic agriculture of England, natural agriculture of Japan forward this direction tries hard. The developed country is current popular edible forest is vegetable, it is the potherb that did not suffer pollution to grow naturally more, wait like asparagus, agaric, Xianggu mushroom, chrysanthemum.

2, black food

Black food contains a lot ofmelanin, have higher nutrient value and sanitarian function, if black rice is black,sesame seed, dateplum persimmon, black soybean reachs dish of Xianggu mushroom, hair, kelp, Wu Man to wait. Current, the black food on domestic and international market is a lot of more phyletic, pink of nutrition of black rice baby, black rice, rice crust, black rice wine is waited a moment.

3, health food

Filling gas of man Zhuang Yang, feminine method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood enrichs the blood, child beneficial of be good at head wisdom, the old person calms the nerves preserve one’s health. The person that the whole world uses fitness of disease of prevention and cure of medicinal food food, nutrition already was amounted to 500 million much, among them the medicinal food of You Yizhong country is famous degree highest. In recent years,

4, hairdressing food

The characteristic of hairdressing food is: Low cholesterol, low quantity of heat and low salinity. Because this kind of food enters the mouth ringing, summary belt content of agonized, vitamin is tall, hot content is low, special suffer Pang, become sale heat.

5, liquid state food

Shang Yuzhi is the elite of food fruit vegetables, with the liquid state food that Shang Zhiyin delivers, include soup to mix food and fluid food, it has digest easy edible, easily, cheap and fine characteristic, accordingly, the breed of each country and pack be able to expand quickly, arrive from chicken of fruit dish, sauce congee of brief outfit jellied bean curd, eight treasures, from trigonometry form of bag, brick just wraps house form bag to wait.

6, fast food

Fast food already each domains of include snacks, non-staple food, staple food. Home is reached in abroad a few develop littoral city, people is no longer buy, wash, burn and trouble, want to purchase fast food, semi-manufactured goods and green fruit vegetables to put freezer to the supermarket only, OK 10 days of half moon do not worry about.

7, quick frozen food

Quick frozen food not only have convenience, healthful characteristic, and expanded greatly the food limits of people, the times reception that gets people. Current, developed country average per capita year consume refrigerant food to be in commonly 20 kilograms of above, increase by degrees with the speed of 30% .

8, fiber food

Cellulose is labelled by modern medicine ” the 7th nutriment ” . It not only can bring vitamin, protein to human body, and can bring equivalent of aperient, step-down to answer to physiology activity of the person. Our country fiber feeds a source to abound, already developed production to give cake of dried bamboo shoots of can of hawkthorn beverage, corn, bamboo, broomcorn to wait for a product at present.

9, insect food

Insect nutrition value is high, contain a lot ofprotein and adipose, some (ant) still have medical effect, talk with protein content, wasp 81% , cricket 75% , cicada 72% , earthworm 65% , locust 60% , bee 43% , the protein content of ant and beef equally matched. There are 500 kinds of insects about on the world but edible, the development potential of insect food is very great.

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