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Stop tooth blood, treat constipation — the world of cate of _ of tomato pineapple juice

Stop tooth blood, treat constipation — tomato pineapple juice

2012-02-07 13:58:33

≯ of ≮ cate raw material

Tomato 2, pineapple Z piece, candy 1 big spoon, water 200 milliliter.

≯ of ≮ cate practice

1, the tomato abluent, cut agglomerate shape to reserve;

2, the tomato piece with pineapple piece in putting fruit juice machine respectively, enter candy, water, agitate, extort fruit juice;

3, in using screen mesh to filter to bottle, fall into the cup but edible.

≮ cate characteristic and effect ≯

Restrain dental haemorrhage, hairdressing is raised colour. Vitamin A, Bl, B2, Bs, C, carotene is contained to wait in tomato, and cent of acid of citric acid, apple, protein, adipose, candy, calcic, phosphor, iron, tomato is alkaline land wait. In tomato pectic the effect that has whole bowel. So, taste the effect that has remedial constipation originally.

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