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Drink water to eat well more diligent exercise pregnancy constipation to solve _ cate the world opportunely

Drink water to eat well more diligent exercise pregnancy constipation to be solved opportunely

2017-02-28 09:15:31

Unlock trousers sits on closestool, pull resemble squeezing cheese euqally relaxed, spurt, fall in closestool. Ha… life can compare light relaxed Songdela without a few things more of Shu Xin letting a person. But, shit is to make have a bowel movement not just, defecate is to let us carry healthy weight, excrete trash, cleared body endotoxin. However, unfortunate is, pregnant woman may be stripped this kind simple cheerful.

We must unite a viewpoint above all: Constipation is to point to to feel difficult when defecate, defecate time is little, perhaps measure little and hard. There are a lot of reasons to be able to make you abrupt during be pregnant constipation, some reasons are you are uncontrollable. Above all, after be pregnant, hormonal meeting loosens your colonic muscle, reduce food and body litter to pass through in intestinal speed, this is very bad really. And, darling also can squash your large intestine, the colon that lets you becomes narrow, namely defecate passageway decrescent.

But, do not want blame your darling! Still a lot of other reasons can bring about constipation. If yourself’s reason is caused, so solve very easily. E.g. , before you all along disadvantageous secret, when be pregnant secret of abrupt at somebody’s convenience, so, the doctor that lets you examines the content of all sorts of vitamins inside one private parts, iron and calcic compensatory excessive also can be costive culprit normally. Change brand of replenishers of a kind of nutrition sometimes, change taken dose, perhaps do not want all sorts of nutriment to be taken together, can let constipation change greatly. (very apparent, you need to satisfy you to be opposite through food iron and calcic demand. Still let a doctor make an inspection to you first. )

You ensure even drink enough water everyday. If cannot, your it is very difficult to exert oneself to do sth. defecate can become, or very dry, make anus very painful.

Want successful defecate, what is the most important? Be food of course! Any things that are put into the mouth by you can affect it how to be discharged finally directly come out. So, be in a constipation is accusing before going up to vitamin or increasingly grown darling body, you had better examine your food. Hum! Whenever should remember, fiber, excrete to yours not only, and it is very important to your systemic health. It can reduce your cholesterol, reduce meet with cancered risk, stabilize blood sugar, reduce adipose absorb, control your excessive food. It is a miracle simply!

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