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Darling complementary feed added rice water kind complementary feed the world of cate of _ of the method that make

Darling complementary feed added rice water kind complementary feed the method that make

2016-09-29 14:54:45

Millet contains more carbohydrate not only, can offer for darling grow the energy that development place requires, and because do not need to refine, saved a lot of vitamins to mix mineral. The vitamin B1 content of millet is rice 1 times much, vitamin B1 can protect bowel of neurological, stimulative stomach peristalsis, increase appetite. Millet still contains more phosphor, Potassium, magnesium. Phosphor forms skeleton and tooth, participate in energy metabolization, adjust the soda acid balance inside body, still make the heart has regular land it is jumpy, normal to maintain a kidney function and the important matter that communicate nerve stimulation. Potassium the main effect inside human body is to maintain soda acid balance, participate in energy it is metabolization, normal to maintain nerve sarcous function. Magnesium has main effect to maintaining the intensity of skeleton and tooth and density, still can promote calcic absorption, without magnesium, calcium produces effect very hard.


Congee of brown sugar millet

Sleep peacefully with the stomach: Millet soup

Applicable month age: In April age above.

Be needed to feed capable person: Millet boils congee quantity normally, 7 times water.

The method that make: (1) uses millet clear water pan twice, add 7 times water to boil congee. (2) is put lukewarm hind there is a clear soup on rice congee (namely rice congee oily) , 2 spoon of ~ extraction 1 feed darling, the gruel that also can feed this kind of 7 times water directly (grain of rice must boil sodden) .

Nutrition comments on: Seek advice in outpatient service in, a lot of mom ask little baby can eat cordial, actually millet is best cordial.

Millet boils congee can disappear of be good at stomach is fed, filling Xu Jian is lienal, heat up with gastric Qing Dynasty, have ” acting ginseng soup ” good name, have a meal to loving and the darling with taste bad function is very helpful.

Mammy quizs: How millet of choose and buy?

A: ?

Can take a few millet to be put on white paper, breathe out with the mouth make its embellish wet, use millet of rub of spill of rolled paper used to light a pipe several times next, observe to whether there is slight yellow on paper, if have yellow,catch in demonstrative millet have maize element. Also can increase a few millet water profit wet, if water has slight yellow,demonstrative mix into has maize element.

Normal millet smells fragrance having Qing Dynasty, without other peculiar smell. The millet hand of serious metamorphism twists Yicheng is farinaceous, broken rice is much, smell mildew changes flavour or other abnormal odour.

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