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Devoid vitamin? See an expert tell you how to prevent the world of cate of darling disease _ with the vitamin

Devoid vitamin? See an expert tell you how to prevent darling disease with the vitamin

2016-10-24 10:37:03

Is the expert analytic how to contract all sorts of diseases with vitamin precaution child? In the near future because lack a vitamin to bring about the child to fall ill,always is the child in a few years, because vaccine was hit,have a plenty of, cleanness was done, nutrition is enough, but the child still escapes not to take off a disease pester. How should be solved so, look please below small make up the content expert that share analytic how to prevent the child to contract all sorts of diseases with the vitamin, small write a proposal everybody mights as well try a vitamin, perhaps can get accident happy event.

Precaution is diabetic: Compensatory vitamin D

In recent years, children is diabetic come on 5% what the amount already held diabetic total number, and rise every year with the extent of 10% , paediatrics doctor suggests, the vitamin D that gives child complement full amount in order to prevent diabetic. The data shows, the infantile meet with of compensatory vitamin D suffers from 1 model diabetic probability, more additional than doing not have with age little 80% .

Diabetic it is disease of immunity of a kind of oneself, and vitamin D belongs to immune depressor, can control response of human body immunity, right amount absorb vitamin D to be able to reduce diabetic incidence of a disease.

Additional means:

It is to make the child much bask, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make the skin synthesize vitamin D; 2 it is to feed fill, add milk, dairy produce appropriately to the child, and the fish of a few fatties food; that contains a lot ofvitamin D 3 it is compensatory below doctor guidance vitamin AD preparation, new student answer since the 15th day groovy and compensatory vitamin AD preparation (the packing) of a year old of less than, daily the dose that takes vitamin D is 500 international unit, premature and dual its dosage is advanced a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces increased dosage in March, can choose the vitamin AD preparation that above packs 1 year old, vitamin D day absorbs a quantity to be 700 international unit, 3 lunar hind restore less than 1 year old to pack again. Compensatory vitamin AD preparation, should hold to darling consistently full 3 one full year of life.

Precaution is anaemic: Additional folic acid

The anaemic sicken rate of children is higher, the commonnest is the anemia of the sex that be short of iron that causes for lack of iron element, the key of prevention and cure depends on providing the food containing iron of full amount, blood of the birds that be like cultivate, legume, egg kind wait. Still filling iron of a kind of anaemia disables, concern with folic acid lack however, anaemia of big cell sex is called on medicine. Right now, the proposal tries folic acid. Folic acid is vitamin of a kind of B a group of things with common features, because be in greenery vegetable content is much and get a name. In addition, the foliaceous acid content such as animal liver kidney, strawberry, orange, legume is quite much also, the parent mights as well let the child eat these food more.

Precaution bleeds: Compensatory vitamin K

After some children are born before long, produce haemorrhage symptom repeatedly, if the skin is purple, hypodermic haematoma, nosebleed, n/med having blood in one’s stool etc. Serious person can produce cerebral internal haemorrhage, endanger life.

K of proposal complement vitamin. Vitamin K, can participate in blood caky mechanism, prevent to bleed, have cruor vitamin praise say. Human body gets vitamin K, divide outside be being absorbed from inside food, still can carry the beneficial bacterium in alvine path, wait like bacili of coliform organisms, lactic acid will make this kind of vitamin.

Additional means:  

1, when mother milk feed, the mother eats the food with some of vitamin K rich content more, be like spinach, clove, tomato, egg kind, animal liver, in order to increase galactic in the content of vitamin K.

2, should timely add those who contain a lot ofvitamin K to darling complementary feed, wait like oil of deep green vegetable, vegetable, cod-liver oil.

3, the beneficial bacterium in protecting child bowel to, if do not abuse antibiotic. Or guidance issues profess to convinced or inject in the doctor K of right amount vitamin.

Outside wanting to notice sanitation, still should know again to common disease, notice gift is nicer do good precaution to work.

Promotion learns efficiency: Compensatory vitamin B1

If not stable, attention centers your child mood hard, bring about study efficiency is low, achievement not beautiful, the proposal is compensatory vitamin B1.

Secret depends on this kind of vitamin be candy to divide one of activator that become energy. Once be not worth, the candy cent that the child absorbs everyday cannot be changed normally into energy, bring about cerebrum ” starve ” , make one kind calls lactic acid ” rubbish ” pile up in the head, the child can become slack, move more, irratable, do not be willing to think with study, achievement nature is like hard wish.

Additional means:

Vitamin B1 is in the flesh kind, liver of unpolished rice, animal, legume, grandma kind in content quite abundant. When necessary goluptious take its pill, every time 20 milligram of 10 ~ , a day 3 can.

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