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BB food avoids 3 big contraindication to prevent the world of cate of BB dyspeptic _

BB food avoids 3 big contraindication to prevent BB dyspeptic

2016-10-20 13:26:49

The body development of darling is not perfect still, because this is easier than adult dyspeptic, father mother must the body state of advertent darling, arrange the food of darling reasonably. So in the diet in darling, what contraindication is there? Look together below.

Darling diet 3 big contraindication

1, too let the child accept new food blindly too

Some parents keep trying to give darling to eat fresh food, think can give darling complement more nutrition, it is better that the child is gotten with respect to chairman, child first time has shrimp, feel flavour is very good, like very much, the parent can give a lot of, the child also has at a draught a lot of, the result causes indigestion. Parents should add an attention more.

Parents is in when letting an infant try to eat a kind of new food, want to let him suit slowly. The quantity cannot give too much, the quantity should increase gradually, let the child have an accommodative process. At the same time more cannot partiality for a particular kind of food a kind of food, want food diversity, rationalize.

2, the dietary principle that parents did not consider the child

Just became the parent of father mother, reach in the feed of darling commonly add complementary feed above do not have too much experience, some gives the most delicious thing namely darling, but they did not notice however, the melon seeds like whole, jelly these provision are very critical to the infant, may be swallowed in the organ, it is unfavorable eat to the infant.

Add complementary feed should arrive from fluidity soft qualitative. To 2 years old of the following infants, adds non-staple food is tasted, must sodden, fine, soft, for instance, but green vegetables mincing, lane is sodden, mud of make it dish. And to 2-3 year old infant, because had had 16-20 deciduous teeth, food is OK a little a bit thicker.

3, add to the child complementary feed should accomplish nutrient rationalize

Add to the child complementary feed should accomplish nutrient rationalize, general proposal eats a mother to breed begin after 6 months in the child gradually a few accretion, want to be added from many sided, refus fast tastes phyletic simplification, accordingly, parents needs the food of attentive and tie-in child, accomplish much breed, diversification, avoid partiality for a particular kind of food, carry feed, food is too drab.

The child’s growth needs various different nutrition, include among them protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral wait for nutriment with microelement, cellulose. Commissariat is most fundamental food, and the flesh, fish, grandma, egg, vegetable, fruit also is body place is indispensible etc.

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