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Carrot lets furrow disappear completely _ cate the world

Carrot lets furrow disappear completely

2012-02-07 13:06:15

German Berlin Xia Li is special hospital researcher discovery, the person that has the vegetable such as carrot, tomato and red sweetbell redpepper more appears young, lines is little also.

Carrot lets furrow disappear completely

According to Germany ” the world signs up for ” reported recently, the environment such as the harmful material in sunshine illuminate, air is affected or mental pressure and disease are met make more freedom are formed inside human body base, these freedom radical may damage the DNA in skin cell again, quicken skin ageing thereby. And the antioxidant that contains inside human body can defend drive freedom base harm, these antioxidant include a vitamin A, C, D, E and kind carotene.

Because human body itself cannot form enough antioxidant, because this human body needs,absorb from inside food. Carrot contains a lot ofβ – carotene, tomato contains a lot oftomato red element.

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