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Face tells you how to should take _ cate the world

Face tells you how to should eat

2012-02-07 12:52:18

Girls of British scientist appeal want him ” to eat ” to get more beautiful. Former scientist concludes is, the bone of human body is dirty, for example heart, stomach, kidney with the different position of facial ministry specific ” contacts ” . Splanchnic functionary stand or fall can be in facial department report of the person comes out, food is very consequently important to hairdressing.    

If forehead lines adds, show hepatic burden is overweight. Accordingly, must abstinence, eat tallow fat less, and everyday at least drink 3 premium. If can be accomplished,be on a diet smally, it is better to abandon lunch for example.

If eye socket is nigrescent, the eyes does not have light, it is kidney burden too heavy. Take salt, candy, coffee less please, eat small red turnip, Bai Luobo and dandelion more.  

The cheek sends ash, explain the body is anoxic, lung function not beautiful. Should go to a park taking a walk more, canter, compensatory green is vegetable, increase protein, mineral with crude fibre absorb.    

Nose is red, overmuch chocolate and sweetmeat can be on nose needle form gules blood-vessel, so usable nutlet, fruit and yoghurt replace chocolate when snacks. But if whole nose is aglow, that is heart burden overweight, should loosen instantly, rest, and smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, eat fatty food less.

On labial strut often is caused as a result of gastric convulsion, and the function that has warm stomach tomato patch, be helpful for labial hairdressing secondhand thereby.

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