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Red medlar and black medlar effect of which filling kidney is better? _ cate the world

Red medlar and black medlar effect of which filling kidney is better?

2017-08-21 16:39:51

Medlar serves as blindly Chinese traditional medicine material, no matter boil medicine of soup, decoct or make tea,can have magical officinal effect. Medlar has black medlar and red medlar, what do they have to distinguish? It is good that the man drinks black medlar is red still medlar good?

The distinction of black medlar and red medlar

1, the exterior and mouthfeel

Black medlar

Feral, grain is little, the black fructification of oblate form, the amount that contain sugar is very small, chew directly feed have little sweet taste only, the diabetic also can be at ease edible.

Red medlar

Flat long model gules fructification, the amount that contain sugar is large, chew directly feed mouthfeel Gan Tian.

2, eat law and dosage

Black medlar

Contain rich cyanine element, reason has particular demand to bubble water temperature, want to use the Wen Shui under 60 ℃ or cold water to develop bubble. Because cyanine element high temperature falls easy be destroyed, so cannot long high temperature infusion. The nourishing sex of black medlar is very strong, adult 5g of a day of edible is controlled can.

Red medlar

Do not be afraid of high temperature, can chew directly feed, wine of bubble water, bubble, boil soup to wait, adult left and right sides of 20g of a day of edible is beautiful.

The man drinks black medlar still is red medlar very good

Effect is different, above all red medlar is the most important is country of origin, with in peaceful medlar is special super grade, other place cultivates, candy cent is exorbitant, and nutrient value also sells at a discount greatly. Red medlar is much to kidney empty sweat, often lack of power, spirit is dispirited have very good effect. Suit to be taken for a long time.

Eyeball of cross-eye of blue berry hairdressing is good, and the 20 times above that the nutrient composition of black medlar is La Mei, basically be to fight consenescence, improve the skin, internal system.

Red medlar and black medlar effect of which filling kidney is good

The result is similar

Come from filling kidney function only say, the filling kidney effect of black medlar and red medlar is same. After people took these two kinds of medlar, can have better filling kidney effect. If male friend appears the obstacle on premature ejaculation and sexual function, can get alleviating through taking medlar. But, want to undertake filling kidney through medlar, must hold on for a long time, generally speaking, need to take the medlar that 20-30 overcomes everyday at least, if take half an year continuously, with respect to the effect that can see filling kidney.

Black medlar has nutrition more

With respect to black medlar and red medlar, among them the biggest distinction is particularly rich cyanine element is contained inside black medlar, this is done not have inside red medlar. Look through considering to come, cyanine element is the most natural free and cleared agent, have fight freedom radical and the action that fight oxidation first-rately. After was taken, can remove good hairdressing to raise Yan Gong effect, still can defer people consenescence. So, the nutrition in black medlar should compare red medlar more a few richer. So, in the life everybody can eat a few red medlar more.

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