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High temperature summer suffers heatstroke easily! Clear heat solves the food of heat to accept the world of good _ cate quickly again

High temperature summer suffers heatstroke easily! Clear heat solves the food of heat to had closed quickly again

2017-05-12 17:40:45

The summer that air temperature rises slowly, people besides like to hide in air conditioning room to drop in temperature, the food that always still likes to eat all sorts of clear heat to see hot weather will increase appetite. So, what does the food of the clear hot weather heating up solution that suits summer to eat have?

Decoct of soup of the Bao that boil congee fries the legume that suits check Qing Dynasty to heat up solution heat

Gram ice


In south, one to summer every family likes water of Bao kelp gram to drink, the effect that this also shows to gram Qing Dynasty heats up solution heat with respect to enough is very pretty good. Actually, contain in gram skin very rich refuse oxidation class status, black glucoside, sheet is for instance peaceful, kind yellow ketone is waited a moment. Additional, there still are sterol of a few beanses, alkaloid and many prandial fiber to wait in gram. It is OK that the summer eats mung bean clear heat is alexipharmic, alleviate heatstroke. Gram has a way commonly is boil congee or boil boiling water, sand of make it gram also is right choice.


For angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, ormosia sex pleasant of smooth, flavour is acerbity, have be good at the effect of detoxify of lienal benefit water, clear hot dehumidify, detumescence. Summer human body easy oedema, eat ormosia can yet be regarded as method of a kind of good dietotherapy of subsidence of a swelling. Ormosia still contains a lot ofa variety of nurture such as vitamin of prandial fiber, Potassium, B a group of things with common features to pledge. Ormosia can cook ormosia meal with rice collocation, also can regard as the stuffing makings of staple food, if ormosia is wrapped.

White hyacinth bean

White hyacinth bean is the dry and mature seed of leguminous plant hyacinth bean, it is to fill lienal warm stomach, change wet disappear heat, filling empty to stop the medicine of have diarrhoea feeds two appropriate beautiful to taste, be in especially hotly the Chun Xiayu Ji Gengcheng of weight in wet base is domestic table to go up cannot one little feeds capable person. White hyacinth bean not only officinal value is high, nutrient value is higher also, mineral mix than major rootstock dish with vitamin content melon food is fast, flavour faint scent is delicate. White hyacinth bean also is very homely is vegetable, fresh and tender white hyacinth bean is optimum frying eat. evaporate of white hyacinth bean ripe, resemble mixing eggplant mud is mixing in that way eat pretty good also.

Eyebrow beans

Eyebrow beans was offerred not only a large number of easily human body digests absorption high grade protein, still have right amount carbohydrate and a variety of microelement and vitamin. The battalion nurturance that place of its OK and sufficient compensatory human body needs is divided, increase the immune capacity of human body thereby. Summertime appetite is poorer, and eyebrow beans place contains vitamin B to be able to maintain the function that normal digestive gland is secreted and gastric bowel path wriggles, restrain choline enzymatic active, side aid digestion, stomachic. Nevertheless, eyebrow beans feeds a sexual sluggish more, ying Shen of the person that reason stagnation of the circulation of vital energy writtens guarantee feeds eyebrow beans.

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