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You can distinguish yourself is kidney deficiency of yin with irritability or kidney deficiency of yang – flying Hua Jiankang net

 One, Kidney deficiency of yin with irritability

Kidney deficiency of yin with irritability basically is inadequacy of shade pointing to kidney, the symptom that place of the faze inside empty fire behaves. Kidney deficiency of yin with irritability happens in more commonly in youth. Kidney deficiency of yin with irritability is given priority to with empty heat, its symptom basically is at 4 o’clock: 1. Lumbar acerbity leg is soft. 2. Be agitated. 3. Control is calorific. 4. Love to perspire.

Method: Kidney deficiency of yangPerson at ordinary times as far as possible delicate, eat cool and refreshing food more. If honeysuckle, gram, tremella is of more pretty good filling shade,taste.

  Holothurian lily stews lean lean

Feed capable person: Xian Hai joins 30g, bright lily 15g, lean lean 100g, jiang Pian is right amount.

Effect: Holothurian flavour pleasant is salty, the gender is lukewarm, haveFilling kidney, the beneficial essence, effect that raises blood, moisten the respiratory tract, hemostatic, diminish inflammation. Lily flavour Gan Wei is cold, can raise shade embellish lung, clear heart calms the nerves.

   2, kidney deficiency of yang

Kidney deficiency of yang is deficient empty of this world pointing to kidney, the card that functional decline place appears is awaited. Main with cold give priority to. But kidney deficiency of yang follows kidneyDeficiency of yin with irritabilityAlso same symptom resemblesLumbar genu aching and limp, limb is lack of power. Main symptom has at 3 o’clock: 1. Lumbago and hair is cool. 2. Hands or feet is icy, Frequent micturition.

Method: Patient of kidney deficiency of yang with cold give priority to, want to notice to avoid to eat food of raw or cold food at ordinary times so. The beautiful that sea product is filling kidney this world is tasted, kidney deficiency of yang person can eat more at ordinary times. Be like: Unripe oyster, clam, fish.

Leek scrambles egg

Feed capable person: Leek 400g, egg 4, salad oil 40g, refined salt is right amount.

Effect: Leek is dish of very good filling this world, to ache of genu of kidney empty waist, kidney the symptom such as Wei of Xu Yang of asthma of Xu Han sex, kidney, seminal emission has certain effect.

Human body cent is yin and yang two parts, but both also can affect each other, if deficiency of yin with irritability shorts certain level, also can affect deficiency of yang, no matter be,fill so shade still is filling this world cannot too over- . So everybody must distinguish disease when cure, again suit the remedy to the case.

So you were clear about, the kidney deficiency of yin with irritability that knows what is a man what is kidney deficiency of yang of the man, these methods can help your very good resolution, so you also can differentiate, seeing his is where kidney bad.

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