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What reason can cause sexual sudden death? – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Believe pair of sexual love sudden death, we won’t unfamiliar, but why can you appear this kind of phenomenon? The likelihood is concerned with oneself disease, also be sexual process likely too too excited be caused by. Today, small make up listed the 7 big reasons that cause sexual sudden death, everybody can want to add an attention more!

1, abusive medicaments

Some people are in what behave on the bed to have energy more to let his, not hesitate abuse Zhuang Yang medicaments, this may cause exorbitant sex impulse, make the person exerts oneself to do sth. overly when make love, sex act is too violent, cause sudden death thereby.

   2, sex pose is incorrect

When some sweethearts are embracing a kiss, like both hands to hug the other side is cervical outside side middle, the pressure receptor press press of carotid antrum, light can bring about a heartbeat to decelerate, blood pressure is reduced, heavy can bring about a heart to stop suddenly and deadly.

   3, off the rails

Stealing raw meat or fish outside is very exciting, but as a result of,party also is met spiritNervous, be afraid of be discovered by other or the mood is unusually excited, bring about psychology to press muscularity, mood to be not stabilized, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel thereby, produce sudden death.

  4, the age has differred big

When six to one of the age between the men and women, the age is older an easy heartbeat rises quickly, cause sympathetic excitement thereby, your vasomotor rise with blood pressure, below extreme circumstance blood-vessel is met even burst, cause sex sudden death. Bilateral age differs bigger, the probability that produces an accident is higher also.

   5, itself contracts a disease

Sex impulse can make height of central nervous system excited, cause blood pressure to rise suddenly, heart excess load, easy cause miocardial infarction or headBleedEtc, cause sudden death thereby. The patient that so those contract heart disease of etc of hypertensive, coronary heart disease should dominate his sentiment when make love, not beyond the mark excitement is excited, when necessary, the appropriate before making love takes monobel or disappear is aching wait for medicaments.

  6, too overworked

Be in long-distance journey or it is husband and wife after meeting again after a long separation, if the sexual love on the horse, may let heart and haemal system be kept constantly on the run, produce sudden death thereby. So, below this kind of circumstance, had better eliminate firstFatigueAgain affectionate.

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