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What does the method that allows kidney to become strong have? – flying Hua Jiankang net

Press body where kidney can a lot of times stronger? In the life, Filling kidneyTo the man it is very necessary, so, you knowKidney emptywhat does expression have? How does kidney empty do? How should fill kidney? What do we see the method that allows kidney become strong have together below?

Learn to go up in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, people dispute often believes acupuncture point filling kidney, the acupuncture point effect with distinct human body is distinct, so, what point is OK Where is strong kidney? Will understand!

  Law of filling kidney tripartite

One, there is a feet lustre acupuncture point on the arm, filling kidney effect is superexcellent

“ feet ” of lustre acupuncture point is the place with lobar confluent gas, can dredge lung classics. Lung advocate announce hair respectful falls, recuperation lung classics can knot of gloomy of the scanty classics that solve liver, can carry the wet chaotic of the abdomen that change Wan, still can fill kidney.

Tell on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, feet lustre acupuncture point is lobar classics close acupuncture point, belong to water, lobar classics belongs to gold, lay a concern according to the photograph of the five elements, golden unboiled water, and kidney belongs to water, namely lobar energy of life became full can fill kidney. Because this is pressed,knead feet lustre acupuncture point to be able to fill lung to kidney classics to go up via redundant energy.

The position: Feet lustre point has a check at arm ancon place, it is feet lustre acupuncture point.

Operation: Ego is pressed when kneading but ancon joint inflectional, lean before the bosom, the thumb that uses another hand is touched in the side outside tendon, send force dot to knead to tendon lower part next.

  2, law of filling kidney of have diarrhoea lung

Actually the method of this kind of filling kidney calls filling kidney of have diarrhoea lung the law. Have diarrhoea is a kind of energy change, change the redundant energy on lobar classics to kidney classics to go up.

Because go up anxious energy is overmuch, let a person feel the bosom is hot, The bosom is frowsty, The bosom is painful, always have internal heat, always want to have bit of cool thing, and at the same time however bipod is icy, form on the card of the empty below fact.

Hypertensive, asthmatic patient also is to go up mostly the person of the empty below fact, but cannot fire of blind have diarrhoea, should change it, often knead so twist this point is very good method.

A lot of people that have high blood pressure, press feet lustre acupuncture point to be met very painful, that is pressed with respect to the specification was opposite place. Press this place everyday, can fall blood pressure.

Kidney gas is not worth the children that bring aboutEnuresis, also can choose feet lustre acupuncture point to give priority to acupuncture point. It is OK to be returned besides but scanty classics is acetanilide, clear pharynx benefit larynx.

Multi-purpose wait for a disease at treating asthma of tuberculosis, bronchus, pneumonic, pleurisy, gastroenteritis. Will medium conpatibility of medicines of lustre acupuncture point massages government office acupuncture point, lobar Yu acupuncture point and feet, can treat cough.

Qu Ze acupuncture point and feet conpatibility of medicines of lustre acupuncture point is massaged, can treat arm contraction painful; the acupuncture point in the smell of mutton, midriff Yu acupuncture point and feet conpatibility of medicines of lustre acupuncture point is massaged, medicable asthma.

  3, result of the god that twist a waist, man practice strong kidney

In in the bookshops Ceng Liu is passing laws of 3 efficient strong kidney result, handy Yi Lian, yield results is quick, and do not accept restriction of field, time, can be in the home, practice can be built when the office, journey is medium, dull. Share first today firstly, enhance kidney function to be meant enhanced energy, memory, skeleton, reduce shave one’s head to be a monk or nun, ShadingWith furrow.

In addition, it has curative effect to the disease of less than of all waist hip, for instance the disease of reproductive system, urology is waited a moment, and still can reduce weight, its reduce weight area is in waist, hip, buttock, abdomen, be the place with most flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, so everyone is happy of this law men and women.

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