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Sexual life must pass! – flying Hua Jiankang net

The United States ” the woman is healthy ” magazine story, sexual life has 20 profit, because this sexual life is no good nevertheless!

1, reduce weight effectively

Sexual love of 30 minutes can burn 200 calorie, can make a person light subtract loosely easily redundant and adipose, keep slender, inviting good figure.

2, protective male heart

England a research of queen university shows Beierfasite, the male lives sexual life 3 times every week, can heart disease come on the risk reduces an in part. This considers to still make clear, the man that regular sexual love can reduce an in part is apoplectic.

3, conduce Morpheus

Caress what can release stimulative Morpheus with sexual love inside Fei peptide, after letting husband and wife play in, enter melting dreamland quickly.

4, the make water that prevent leakage

Sexual love can enhance pelvic sarcous strength, control micturition better next, return urinary incontinence of can effective precaution.

5, alleviate aching

Sexual love should be to do not have the painful, thing that is results completely. After the climax of dripping wet of merry and lively, pituitary can be secreted inside Fei peptide, conduce to reduce body ache, Joint is achingWith menstruation ache also can alleviate.

6, menstrual rule

The scientist of American Colombia university and Stanford university passes research discovery, the female if a week lives one-time life at least, menstrual cycle is met more the rule.

7, loosen

The expert of department of gynaecology of city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa expresses, sexual love can restrain fretted mood effectively, because of sweethearts between slow, gentle caress, can let a person calm, forget sadness.

8, alleviate pressure

Encounter irritated worry, cry to cry greatly with its, still be inferior to be released through sexual love. A lot of psychologist of American will perfect sex, regard one of best methods that cast off pressure as.

9, with enter, need not retreat

Davis points out American marriage expert, function force also is a kind of technology, sexual time is more, can arouse more sexual hormone, enhance sexual desire, also exercised function power.

10, abreact

Soft and easy bed is to release the violent, good place that dominates undesirable mood and action. The husband and wife with happy sexual life, very few conference appears the violent mood of exceeding depression.

11, strengthen confidence

Er of heart of mulberry of expert of sexual love of American san Francisco expresses, if a performance that the person attends in the bed is good, can make a spouse more happy not only, oneself also can feel be full of self-confidence and force.

12, prevent cancer

” American cure learns a magazine ” the introduction, male ejaculation is more, the odds that its contract prostate cancer is smaller.

13, experience happiness

A latter international considers to show, compare with monetary photograph, sexual love can let a person feel more happy. What the husband and wife of sexual life rule experiences is happy, as earning 100 thousand dollar every year more.

14, defer consenescence

Weeks of home of neurophysiology of hospital of British Scotland Edinburgh says, active sexual life can postpone anile process, let a person always nurture is young.

15, sanitarian tooth

Include in seminal fluid zinc, calcium and other the material that can protect a tooth, make a tooth brighter white, solid.

16, appearance is youthful

Consider to discover, sexual love can make the female looks young 15 years old. In this research, get the woman that tries to the male should observe from inside the mirror and evaluate another side. Those “ that be by the evaluation are very young the female of ” , have sexual life on average 4 times every week. This is not what coincidence! Because have research discovery early, sexual love can promote estrogen to secrete, make the skin smoother, the hair is brighter lustre.

17, promotion resistance

Researcher is right 111 16—23 year old the discovery after the volunteer undertakes an analysis, have passion 9 times every week, can make the amount of globulin of the A inside body immunity promotes 30% , increase strength thereby, help people prevent cold and flu.

18, the humor is good

The nutrient material such as zinc, calcic, protein is contained in seminal fluid, have profit greatly to female body. And, a research returns discovery, do not use the woman that brings complete set in sexual love, the mood is more optimistic, not easyDepressed. Nevertheless researcher also emphasizes, this one result applies to each other faithful spouse only.

19, promotional feeling

Release when orgasm hind the leaf expedites child delivery element can improve the mood not only, still can let you feel as closer as the spouse, its are right the female’s action particularly apparent. It is sexual love not only actually, touch or the leaf after the foreplay also can be made expedites child delivery element is released in great quantities.

20, spermatozoon “ strong ”

Researcher ever had the male of the problem to have a test to 118 spermatozoon quality, let their a week 7 days enjoy sexual love. Result, the amount of ” of person “ bad spermatozoon of 81% decreases apparently. Researcher thinks, regular love conduces to ” of spermatozoon “ get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, improve its quality thereby.

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