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Recommend a female to prevent pelvic infection to need to be written down sincerely at 5 o’clock – 1 – flies China bisexual

Introduction: &Nbsp;
Disease of a lot of department of gynaecology is shown from leucorrhoea, if briefs chose brunet fund, very what discover leucorrhoea not easily is unusual. And want avoid by all means to choose tight briefs, the briefs permeability with this kind of qualitative material and water imbibition are poorer, go against the volatilization of body secretion, accordingly the choice of briefs wants all the more careful.

As a result of femaleQualityphysiology structure is some more complex than the male, the ruffle inside the vagina brought about a lot of bacterium to cannot keep clear of in time, caused thenDepartment of gynaecologyDisease, accordingly, some closer year come, more and more females begin to pay close attention to physiology health care. We discuss together today, female precautionPelvic infectionWhat does need do?

   1, make love use condom

The maleMake loveBefore if do not have thoroughly clean penis,undertakeSexual intercourse, the bacterium that gets on the penis very easily takes vaginal interior, bring about the happening of pelvic infection. Proposal male people if do not have seasonable and clean penis, that uses intimate outfit pleaseCondom, come with this the keeps apart bacterium and vagina contact of utmost.

   Small make up recommend: