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How the size of him appraisal penis? The oppose of the size of the penis that the male likes to take his and others is compared, go up even also meet when the toilet not self-conscious take aim secretly on the side the dimension of person penis, because the male thinks, what phallic size decides function force directly is strong weak, let oneself have sense of pride, so, in daily life how the size of him appraisal penis?

The YJ length below state of report of blame of man of the youth in our country is in 4.5 to 8.8 centimeters between, it is 6.5 centimeters on average.

How do oneself measure the length of YJ? Interested reader friend mights as well try to be measured in the home, but should note two position.

One, the length when YJ is not report is measured

Room temperature is not cold not hot can, take power of station standing position, mention YJ to show 90° with the body, the pubic combination that measures phallic upper part with straightedge is in the length of glans coping.

2, the length when YJ reacts is measured

As similar as the first kind, but the attention should erect naturally condition, had not gone spending stimulate and pull pull YJ, it is normal to be more than commonly or be equal to 10 centimeters to be. Slant because fat man is abdominal adipose more, partial YJ“ concealments ” is in adipose inside, meeting occurrence error, undertake metrical after usable hand push is alvine and adipose when measuring.

How the size of him appraisal penis? Male friend does not want too the everybody that cares about the penis, want to be able to undertake normally onlySexual life, it is healthy.