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The food of filling Yin Yangyan of health care of female preserve one’s health

To the woman, deficiency of yin with irritability, the skin produces microgroove easily. Want filling nether world only can dispel is knitted, eat to need those who knit what to buy to divide far from to the thingCream.

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Deficiency of yin with irritability also has the difference of weight, some people are met control archCalorific, perhaps have hot and dry, eye dry, Swimmy, TinnitusWait for a symptom, these should begin to notice filling shade.

The internal organs of the body that deficiency of yin with irritability affects has lung, stomach, liver and kidney. The main show of lobar deficiency of yin with irritability isDry cough, little phlegmy, The mouth worksThe main show of deficiency of yin with irritability of stomach of pharynx dry; is pharynx doing the symptom of deficiency of yin with irritability of dry; liver includes thirsty, defecateSwimmy, headache, Two dryDim-sighted;Kidney deficiency of yin with irritabilitymain show is heat of heart of lumbar genu ache, brothers, be perturbedInsomnia, DazedTinnitusAnd hectic feverNight sweat.

When somebody is young glossy always is on the face be full of, passed 25 years old to become howeverDrying skin. The first reason isIrascibilityToo flourishing, the 2nd reason is deficiency of yin with irritability. Furrow also so generation.

The food of filling shade can the shade fluid of human body of take a tonic to build up health and body fluid, the organ of internal organs of the body of whole body of alimentary He Rurun.

Soup of pear of tremella lily snow and sugar cane, effect of filling shade of this two flavour is very good, ripe pear is can nourishing the vital organs of the human body more. Additional blindly the good thing that everybody knows is soya-bean milk. Milk and soya-bean milk are filling shade food together, but milk of and rather than of soya-bean milk of proposal first selection, the your person that because vegetal is general,should compare animal sex is at ease a few.

The food of filling shade besides pear, sugar cane, black sesame seed, soya-bean milk, tremella, lily, meat or fish eats meat of OK and tie-in duck, because of it not only Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is hot, still haveDiuresisfunction.

[method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises Yan Shang]

Soup of bird’s nest candied date or jujube:

Bird’s nest 25 grams, candied date or jujube 15 grams, brown sugar is right amount, use bird’s nest clearBlebOpen eliminate impurity, next with candied date or jujube (go nucleus) put bowl together inside, add water right amount, boil to candied date or jujube know sth thoroughly, reentry brown sugar flavors edible. This just has the effect that raises Yan Hequ furrow, make burnish of color of skin moist.

Golden warbler a thick soup:

Xue Er (tremella) 25 grams, red jujube 15 grams, dried tangerine or orange peel 6 grams, egg 1, rock candy is right amount. Go to red jujube first nucleus and Xue Er boil 30 minutes together, put dried tangerine or orange peel to boil 10 minutes again next, add rock candy to infiltrate the egg mixes divide evenly can edible. This just has the effect that raises splash of furrow of Yan Meifu, dispel, disappear, mufti can make the skin white tender, exquisite, rich flexibility.

Guo Gongshang:

Hawkthorn 15 grams, honeysuckle card of candle of 5 grams, bare 200 grams, rock candy 100 grams. Enter hawkthorn, honeysuckle boiler together first inside, add water right amount, the filter after boiling 20 minutes goes broken bits is qualitative, the red bean that enter bare is boiled together to know sth thoroughly, put a few rock candy to flavor edible. Acid of this soup flavour is sweet, it is appetizing, be good at lienal, clear heat, raise colour, the Chang Yinjia of hairdressing is tasted.


Apricot liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or lotus leaves:

Almond 12 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus 6 grams, rock candy is right amount, take almond dolly to enter boiler inside, 10 minutes are boiled again into sweet-scented osmanthus after boiling 15 minutes, filter goes broken bits flavors into rock candy character, can edible. This soup faint scent is delicate and tangy, goluptious, hair having black is raised colour, the effect of spot of the dispel that protect skin, comfortable at female the four seasons constant drink.

(The exercitation edits: Zhu Yanmei)

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