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[from wine wine how much day can be drunk] how long can be _ of _ edible time drunk – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The wine that makes oneself is general mouthfeel is sweeter alcohol, and outside the photograph that sell is compared, flavour is first-rate, the wine that just makes oneself must have done the work of antiseptic disinfection, contact grapy container to must have high temperature especially antiseptic, cause brew failure very easily otherwise, the wine that makes oneself had better be be in after a month drinkable, the time that the wine that makes oneself nevertheless cannot put is too long, had better be as soon as possible drink is over.

 Brew bishop how many days to be able to be drunk oneself

How much day can be drunk from wine wine?

Brew white wine and pink vinous oneself optimal and drinkable deadline is 1~3 inside year. Claret is after 3 years, but also be not is older better. Because bishop is not the brandy of liquor or other abroad, vodka, golden wine, the distillation wine such as man mother wine.

But make wine oneself, mostly sealed and bad, not easy and long deposit. Still drink as early as possible so had better.

How to save from wine wine

1, the appliance that abstains bishop to save, it is canister of bottle of choice cask, coke, glass commonly, but no matter which choose to plant,save easily, it is good to must want to accomplish sealing.

2, the environment that abstains bishop to save, first-rate stores the environment is 12-15 Celsius, and still must want to store below nonluminous condition, like heat preservation the place such as box or basement can be deposited.

3, the time that contains bishop to save, overall for can save how long to should decide according to the vinosity of home-brewed itself from wine wine, but because be an individual the bishop of brew is in the home, each respect waits in brew grape, implemental, craft all insufficient major, because this often brews adulteration of the meeting in the wine that give finally,more notes goes easily

Bad, because of this proposal home-brewed save time to had better not exceed 2 years, also do not eliminate us of course can brew goes out withstand age good wine.

 Brew bishop how many days to be able to be drunk oneself

Make bishop note oneself

The first pace: When buying grape of grape choose and buy, can pick a few squashy grapes, even if be a scattering grape also never mind. These grapes are to ferment easily, 2 it is price relatively inferior. Common grape, carry child, equestrian milk, it is to be able to use the vinous that make.

The 2nd pace: Because grape skin remains probably,wash a grape pesticide, it is quite important to clean grapy link, best can chase clean, reoccupy tap water is rinsed repeatedly, eliminate is sodden at the same time grape. The person with a few clean love, like a make wine after grape flay, this also have not cannot, but a few less the nutrition with grape peculiar skin.

The 3rd pace: Air grape fills the grape between can slack container, wait for grape surface to be able to pour wine world without drip.

The 4th pace: Choosing container wine jar can be jar of pottery and porcelain, also can be vitreous bottle, but do not advocate with plastic container, because plastic probable meeting and alcohol happening chemistry react, produce a few toxicant to pledge, endanger human body health.

The 5th pace: Hold good grape to be put into container after both hands is abluent, hold a grape directly, operating way is to grab exert all one’s strength the grape to be grasped, put into wine world next, put sugar in the grape again above, the scale of grape and candy is 10 ∶ 3, namely 10 jins of grapes put 3 jins of sugar (do not like to have sweet friend, can put 2 jins of sugar, but have to put sugar, because candy is grape barmy main factor) .

The 6th pace: Add save wine jar sealed, if be canister of pottery and porcelain, can want to nod wine mud to the small shop that buys yellow rice or millet wine, heal is papered after adding water. Add after sealing, wine jar needs to be put in shady and cool place to save, do not flip through at ordinary times at will or open lid.

 Brew bishop how many days to be able to be drunk oneself

The 7th pace: When weather of open the envelop is hot, the grape ferments time needs 20 days to be controlled to a month, this season makes wine now, ferment time needs the left and right sides 40 days. After open the envelop, fish out float above grape skin, can drink wine directly. Attention, if like wine interest a bit more sufficient, needed time of defer open the envelop to go only. After open the envelop, after bishop of every time bail out, do not forget to build the top of good wine world, lest wine flavour volatilizes.