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[how to pare easily Chinese chestnut] _ is small small doohickey of subtle move _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Although Chinese chestnut is especially other delicate, nutrient value is very good also, but paring Chinese chestnut when, a lot of people can scratch his head quite, the unripe Chinese chestnut that buys especially, do Chinese chestnut again ripe later, do not know how to should pare Chinese chestnut, when doing Chinese chestnut actually, should cut Chinese chestnut small mouth, after such thoroughlying cook pare with respect to a can relaxed pulp inside came out, we come to understanding how pare easily below Chinese chestnut.

 How to pare easily Chinese chestnut

How to pare easily Chinese chestnut

Method one: One is cut on Chinese chestnut small mouth, put next fill the pot that has salt solution in, boil the fish out after 34 minutes with conflagration, taking the advantage of Chinese chestnut to return heat, chinese chestnut hull, at that time hull not only relaxed and what still can maintain Chinese chestnut is complete.

Method 2: Put Chinese chestnut into bag, seal the ground after good mouth to be beaten gently, after beating 3 minutes repeatedly, peel and fruit carapace had departed almost. When this kind of method suits to go out, use, do not need the tool such as boiler of have the aid of to be able to be done easily calm.

 How to pare easily Chinese chestnut

The effect of Chinese chestnut

The first: Remedial waist leg is faint, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein arrives since strong bone action

Respect of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks Chinese chestnut sex is lukewarm, powerful body can have after taking strong the action of bone. If be the circumstance of aching and limp of genu of a few waists, after taking Chinese chestnut, can make effectively the body restores health.

The 2nd: Sanitarian taste, alleviate lienal empty

Everyday the time of morning and evening paragraph the unripe Chinese chestnut after lieutenant general airing is put directly chew in mouth, when after becoming size completely slowly swallow, can produce the effect of Chinese chestnut so the biggest, have first-rate effect to sanitarian taste.

Eat besides straight deliver a child besides, also can boil Chinese chestnut and rice congee together, the Chinese chestnut congee that such making and becomes, the chronic diarrhoea condition that because Xu Han causes taste,can treat a few patients effectively, the dyspeptic circumstance of a few old people also can get alleviating very well.

 How to pare easily Chinese chestnut

The 3rd: Cure is diabetic

The expert passes research discovery, contain in Chinese chestnut abound and soft prandial fiber, this kind of material can help a diabetic effectively alleviate illness. What need an attention nevertheless is, eat Chinese chestnut raw and digest not easily, the diabetic is so one-time cannot take quite too much, best can be in Chinese chestnut regard as at ordinary times a kind of snacks is taken, take in the interval of two eat. A few people like to eat Chinese chestnut in great quantities in meal hind, this is very incorrect, go against not only healthy, can make instead the body absorbs overmuch quantity of heat to appear fat.