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[with what cannot unpolished rice eat together? ] food of _ of _ food contraindication is no-no – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

In daily life, most person takes preserve one’s health seriously more and more, unpolished rice is to compare common thing at ordinary times, unpolished rice is differred as a result of mouthfeel, and boiled time is longer, a lot of people do not like to have unpolished rice at ordinary times, actually the nutrient value of unpolished rice is very tall, and nutrition is very comprehensive still, a lot of kinds of when contain human body place to need amino acid and vitamin and mineral, often having unpolished rice is very much to healthy gain, with what cannot that unpolished rice eat together?

With what cannot unpolished rice eat together?

Unpolished rice cannot eat together with what

Unpolished rice + honey: Unpolished rice and honey eat together may cause gastric ministry unwell, do not agree with the multitude that has gastritis.

Unpolished rice + brake dish: Unpolished rice and brake vegetable take together can go against human body to be opposite of vitamin B1 digest with absorb.

Unpolished rice + Cang Er: An edible may cause unpolished rice and dark green ear aching with the body unwell.

With what cannot unpolished rice eat together?

The nutrient value of unpolished rice

Unpolished rice tall fine and tall nutrition value, the quantity of heat of unpolished rice and rice and water content are about the same. But if be vitamin, mineral come with prandial fiber PK, unpolished rice is be far ahead however. Unpolished rice contains a variety of nutriment, include staple B of qualitative, vitamin group, vitamin E, but calm nerve, fight pressure, can raise human body metabolism, can stable blood sugar, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, be like,prevent all sorts of chronic tall blood fat, hypertensive, diabetic etc, because this is regarded as food of preserve one’s health.

With what cannot unpolished rice eat together?

Unpolished rice does not suit what person to eat

Nevertheless, unpolished rice meal is not to eat to had healed more more, because more indigestible, because this intestines and stomach,the person with younger function may feel because of this bilge gas is uncomfortable, may have the whole body badly asthma of frowsty, breath mixes listless, bosom the skin is scratchy wait for a symptom.

Because plumule rice, unpolished rice and cornmeal are too coarse, the person that digestible energy force has a problem (for example, ulcer of gastric ulcer, duodenum) eat food crops food grains other than wheat and rice to be able to follow clash of physics of gastric bowel path, can cause cut ache. The legume such as the common soya bean in food crops rice, ormosia, gram, produce gas easily, bilge easily angry person is unfavorable eat more.

Nephrosis patient food needs those who restrict phosphor to absorb an amount, the phosphorous content in unpolished rice is higher than rice, easy influence kidney metabolizes, aggravating kidney disease.

The mouthfeel of unpolished rice meal is harder than rice, go against old person mastication, the water when Ju Reping is drunk too little, the case that still can have constipation happens, the disease of enteron ulcer suffers from, the likelihood also cannot digest the food crops meal with stronger character.