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[how is sauce sweet pot-stewed fowl done? ] practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The whole nation has the etc. served cold of a lot of sort, for instance Sichuan pot-stewed fowl is mixed wet Shan pot-stewed fowl, these two kinds of pot-stewed fowl are very famous, nevertheless gust has very big different, usually, the pot-stewed fowl that make should prepare a lot of medicinal materials, for instance small fennel, cassia bark and ginkgo are waited a moment, after the medicinal material in joining these, the pot-stewed fowl taste that makes is met special wave sweet, in various pot-stewed fowl, sauce sweet tasty is a very popular kind, will learn the way of this kind of pot-stewed fowl below.

How is sauce sweet pot-stewed fowl done?

How is sauce sweet pot-stewed fowl done?

What want a specification above all is, bittern dish has sauce sweet smell not merely, some bittern dish do not have sauce fragrance instead. Bittern dish is cool those who eat cooked food is appellative, bittern food component is a lot of series, for instance series of series of hemp hot series, sauce popular series, the five spices, seafood series, cold and dressed with sause is waited a moment, saying sweet smell giving sauce, be the bittern dish that points to sauce popular series.

See the picture of the query, it is bittern drumstick, actually no matter make the sort of bittern food, want to give sauce sweet smell, must put soy, be born to smoke and often be smoked namely. Bittern drumstick makes sauce fragrance very easily:

How is sauce sweet pot-stewed fowl done?

1, drumstick abluent, put into boiler, enter clear water, conflagration is boiled, after decrescent fire scoops up float foam slowly, scoop up immediately use cool clear water to rinse, make sure gallinaceous skin is not sodden do not stick stay have mouthfeel, drop doing reserves.

2, in putting drumstick into boiler, join green paragraph, a few of Jiang Pian, aniseed, sweet leaf, sauce of candy a few, soya bean one spoon, soy is put more some, had better use often smoke, if the condition allows, the stew stuff that can put a supermarket to sell is wrapped, it is OK also to be not put, a few salt, it is OK also to be not put, because there is saline him ground in soy taste, add right amount clear water again, with Shang Zhigai surfeit material is accurate. The boiler on the lid is built, big baked wheaten cake leaves. (can use drumstick pin or toothpick plunges into a few alveolus on drumstick, go to the lavatory drumstick tasty)

How is sauce sweet pot-stewed fowl done?

3, small fire stew turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire looks 40 minutes when soup juice is about the same OK fish out (if soup juice is too much, can take boil to build, conflagration receives juice)

4, drumstick fish out, put cool OK. Each district practice is differ, but comparative roughly, old artillery piece suggests to use often smoke, colour and lustre is good-looking.

Inside bittern dish Lenten same also, for instance bittern smoked bean curd:

In a few transfer to a lower level are plunged into to enter boiler on fabaceous doing, join green paragraph, Jiang Pian, soy and right amount salt, enter right amount clear water, the boiler on the lid builds small fire to be stewed slow, boil boil touch with the chopstick touch a beans to work, insert very easily when going in, proof already it is OK that molten becomes ripe, fish out comes air is cool.