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[oaten and OK boil _ together with what oaten overcome with what food photograph] – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Oaten it is preserve one’s health of a kind of admirable health care feeds capable person from of old, suffer people fully love, and oaten flavour faint scent, tie-in and other feed capable person one case edible can be the biggest change promote its nutrient value, but also should notice oaten cannot feed together with certain food quite, produce adverse to the body material easily otherwise. So, oaten and OK with what a potting? Look below explain, hope everybody can understand.

 Oaten and OK boil together with what

Oaten overcome with what food photograph

Oaten rice is to have one of food grains other than wheat and rice with nutrient high value most. The adipose content of oaten rice is 4 times of rice, the content of E of 8 kinds of when place of its human body needs amino acid, vitamin also prep above rice and flour. Dietetics home discovers, oaten the good food that still prevents sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, hypertensive, coronary heart disease. It is contained rich inferior Shan is acerbity, occupy the 35-52 of all not saturated fatty acid, wait to diabetic, fatty liver, constipation, dropsy have auxiliary curative effect, the old people in be opposite is promotional physical strength, the prolong life has profit greatly.

Oaten rice and what are boiled together, how to boil

1, oaten rock candy lotus seed congee

Oaten rice 100 grams, water valve of tangerine of 1500 milliliter, tremella, lotus seed, syrup.

 Oaten and OK boil together with what

2, oaten Hei Zhi hemp congee

Oaten rice is 30 grams, black meter of 30 grams, earthnut is 20 grams, black sesame seed 30 grams.

3, oaten red jujube congee

Oaten rice is 150 grams, red jujube 50 grams, walnutmeat 70 grams.

4, oaten millet nutrient congee

Oaten rice 50 grams, millet is 50 grams, red the jujube is 50 grams, black sesame seed 20 grams.

5, the jujube is sweet kidney bean oatmeal

Oaten rice 80 grams, kidney bean is 50 grams, red jujube 8.

The practice encyclopedia of oaten rice congee

Pumpkin rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month practice

With makings

Advocate makings: Pumpkin 100 grams, rice 50 overcome

Complementary makings: Polished glutinous rice is 50 grams, oaten meter of 20 grams, red cowpea beans of 20 grams, safflower 20 grams, the seed of Job’s tears 20 grams, buckwheat 20 grams, groundnut (be born) jujube of 20 grams, donkey-hide gelatin 6, boreal almond 20 grams, medlar 10 grams

Condiment: Water right amount

1. red cowpea, beautiful beans immerses 8 hours

 Oaten and OK boil together with what

2. polished glutinous rice immerses 8 hour

Section of 3. pumpkin flay reserves

4. earthnut, rice, the seed of Job’s tears, oaten, buckwheat, almond, medlar is abluent in pouring arenaceous boiler, mix pumpkin again jujube of the red cowpea with good bubble, beautiful beans, polished glutinous rice, donkey-hide gelatin enters boiler together in

5. adds clear water to be burned, turn small fire, can drink after 3 hours go up congee

6. uses pressure cooker to meet more the save labour when the province