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[how to make corn wine] how does _ brew _ to make a way – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

More and more people like all him things to start work now, the thing that has especially, can oneself are done as far as possible oneself buy raw material to do, because outside the raw material of not likely of finished product food that make and complementary makings is good. Now on market a lot of wine tick off add with alcohol, drink much word exceedingly much to the harm of the body, how do oneself make corn wine in the home? Understand together ~

How to make corn wine

One, technological process:

1, craft of brew of corn whole grain: Corn — immerse — evaporate is boiled — look water up and down — accumulation — drop in temperature — add music — ferment — distillation — semi-manufactured goods wine — old wine — tick off add — filter — finished product.

How to make corn wine

2, operation method of brew of corn whole grain and parameter:

1. corn demand goes without mildew, flavour of the eat by moth that do not have bug, as good as, without the corn that pesticide remains, corn has white corn, yellow corn, red corn, amylaceous content has a bit difference.

2. immerses: Water is warm 85-90 ℃ , immersing water wants adj/LIT wide to cross corn bead 15-20 centimeter, immerse time 16-18 hour. Immerse the process should flip through 2-3 second, make corn sufficient immerse, immerse after time arrives, water of dropt bubble food.

3. evaporate boils: Corn is put inside wine an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise, put leach bubble, immerse 10-20 of surface of corn of water prep above centimeter, open conflagration to undertake evaporate is boiled, evaporate boils time 2-3 hour, evaporate is boiled achieve inside without unripe heart, outside ajar flower, make sure corn is completely squashy, without Bai Xin, soft ripe do not carry a hand on the head.

4. looks water up and down: Had boiled corn complement moisture to evaporate namely, water is warm in 80 ℃ above, had jumped over higher, want to use boiled water commonly, the quantity that add water accomplishs broomcorn draft lucid, flow nothing more than to allow.

5. piles up: After looking water up and down, in 20-30 of the accumulation on the floor minute, the purpose makes corn sufficient and bibulous, make sure moisture is enough, facilitating saccharify.

6. ferments: Join distiller’s yeast of elegant big high yield, after mix is even, can enter a crock (pool of pond, cellar, bucket) sealed ferment, the Zui when fermenting is tall cannot exceed 36 ℃ .

How to make corn wine

Ferment the process wants to check temperature, temperature is too low should adopt temperature of; of heat preservation measure to want high to adopt too drop in temperature measure. Ferment the process cannot be opened, avoid air to enter, miscellaneous bacterium is polluted. Ferment period 15 days or so.

7. distill: Clean small-sized brew equipment clean, must wait on after steam just scatter the wine Pei that has fermented on discriminate mat equably, accomplish light, pine, all, thin, accurate, cannot impaction, after finishing, cap of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of the wine on the lid, seal water groove is complemental water, begin to undertake distillation. Control the flow of cooling water, the temperature that assures wine in 20-25 ℃ , wine is lukewarm exorbitant, spirits share volatilizes, crop reduces; alcoholic drink lukewarm too low, material of low boiling point cannot volatilize, quality is poor.

When wine begins next drop, the how many decision that measures according to next makings receives head of wine head wine to contain methyl alcohol, cannot drinkable) , control cooling water receives wine, spend to 25-30 go end, end winelist is deposited alone, use next time back and forth heat up in a steamer.