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Article introduction

Say the female is pregnant production is an important matter, especially postpartum it is more important to nurse. Need of postpartum food respect notices the female a lot of item, say to cannot drink quite during confinement, but some puerperas or meeting drink confinement rice wine, what is water of confinement rice wine? Water of confinement rice wine is not simple wine kind, it is a kind of special local product of the Hakkas area, during be woman confinement in childbirth technically drinkable drink.

What is water of confinement rice wine

One, what is water of confinement rice wine

Rice wine of confinement of abbreviation of water of confinement rice wine, of cent of base area division into districts and craft, raw material subtle and different also can say rice of water of confinement wine, confinement, confinement is brewed, it is the high grade child of agrarian civilization of farming of an ancient name for China, at the same time development is the Hakkas area celebrated global special local product. Confinement rice wine is the tradition that simple manual wine makes half sweet model rice wine, its meaning is the confinement wine with the drinkable confinement in childbirth after child of schoolgirl of the Hakkas Fu. It uses pearl polished glutinous rice and spring of high grade hill to be raw material, produce craft brew with traditional yellow rice or millet wine, with Tao Zhida crock nature ferments, the wine with old hoard base, match with a few Laojiang, cancel shift and become. 100% pure natural ferment former juice, without any harmful to human body additive agent for food, debauchery orange color is crystal and red, transparent, clear pure ginger taste, the entrance is downy, acid is sweet moderate, the aftertaste is boundless. Say so, water of confinement rice wine namely the confinement water that our common weighs.

What is water of confinement rice wine

2, the effect of water of confinement rice wine

Via national authority the orgnaization determines, wine of the Hakkas confinement contains a lot ofhuman body must the microelement with 14 kinds of 18 kinds of amino acid, good human body, 6 kinds of vitamins and rich dextrose, nutrient value is very high, have ” liquid cake ” good name! The confinement in childbirth after woman of every family the Hakkas gives birth to the child does confinement wine chicken to eat every day necessarily, big to postpartum gas blood bad news restores vitality, the body after avoiding to produce enrages blood two empty, those who go out to abnormal sweating due to general debility and lochia do not fall or fall is very occurrence dizziness, lack of power, dazed, little wait for very distinct effect, the effect that at the same time stimulate the secretion of milk adds milk is very distinct also. Accordingly, have the place of the Hakkas person, have alcoholic drink of the Hakkas woman, the Hakkas person is not writing to be able to be described to the feeling of wine of the Hakkas woman.

What is water of confinement rice wine

3, the distinction of confinement rice wine and common rice wine

The definition differs

Water of confinement rice wine: Rice wine water, call confinement rice wine again, just as its name implies, it is rice wine evaporate through high temperature, its alcohol composition evaporates, the rice wine fluid that remain.

Rice wine: Rice wine, call fermented glutinous rice again, rummy. Old times cries ” sweet wine ” . Make with wine of polished glutinous rice, it is the specialty alcoholic drink of Chinese the Han nationality and most minority tradition.