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[with what can be cauliflower fried together? ] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Cauliflower is a kind of very delicate food, although taste likely,taste a little a few more delicate, the food photograph that cannot weigh quite with a few flavour is compared, but the nutrient value of cauliflower is very tall, return the issue that can help people solve respect of a few bodies, assist remedial disease for instance, the result is very right still. Cauliflower is to use Qing Dynasty to fry commonly eat, also can match with other edibles. So, with what can be cauliflower fried together?

With what can be cauliflower fried together?

Green pepper, tomato, Xianggu mushroom, agaric, steaky pork.

1, green pepper fries a flower dish

(1) cauliflower divides small, abluent, put boiling water a short while fish out is ironed a bit inside boiler, accuse clean water to divide; green pepper, carrot to part abluent all abluent flay of section; ginger cuts end.

(2) fries boiler to add salad oil to burn to 3 into heat, put Jiang Mo, water to send stir-fry before stewing of dried, beautiful dish to fry, wait for cauliflower when 6 maturity, add vinegar, white sugar, refined salt, gourmet powder, break up fry several times, rejoin green pepper piece, carrot piece fry slightly come to be born, tick off thin Gorgon euryale with unripe pink, drench oil of Chinese prickly ash, sesame oil fries divide evenly, fill dish can.

2, spend dish to fry tomato

(1) becomes cauliflower piece small, abluent, accuse to do moisture; tomato abluent, stripping and slicing.

(The heat in 2) boiler is oily, put cauliflower, break up a few water are joined to burn 3 minutes when frying, put tomato to break up together again fry, use small fire vegetables and water 2 minutes, till tomato braise gives juice, add salt and gallinaceous essence to fry next even can.

With what can be cauliflower fried together?

3, spend dish to fry Xianggu mushroom

(1) has pot, medium baking temperature is cheered, fry into green ginger garlic sweet.

(The Xianggu mushroom below 2) breaks up fry, add oyster sauce, fry Xianggu mushroom fully.

(3) puts cauliflower, spill a few salt, make Xianggu mushroom and cauliflower sufficient and shirt-sleeve.

(4) burns sesame oil finally can.

4, spend dish to fry agaric

(1) agaric shifts to an earlier date bubble sends two hours, abluent reserve; beautiful dish is abluent quick-boil water, reserve.

(2) heats up boiler cold oil, the dish that enter a flower breaks up fry, two big spoon are joined to be born after becoming angry a bit smoke and a few water, small fire turns to be stewed slow after big baked wheaten cake leaves.

(Break up into agaric conflagration after 3) is chromatic and even fry.

(4) is fast ripe when join salt to flavor, join water starch finally, conflagration receives juice.

With what can be cauliflower fried together?

5, steaky pork of dry boiler beautiful dish

(Cheng Xiaoduo is cut along the handle with the penknife after 1) spends dish to be rinsed clean, immerse 10 minutes with weak brine, after be being rinsed clean, sufficient air water is divided.

(Chili of; of section of 2) steaky pork cuts garlic of; of section of circle; ginger to pat small are cut after coming loose.

(3) steaky pork enters boiler, add ginger, small fire slowly fan fries an oil.

(4) promotes the pork to at the same time, open conflagration, join beautiful course, stop 30 seconds to break up again slightly fry a few times, the boiler on the lid is built, 30 seconds of of air medium baking temperature.

(5) joins chili and garlic to break, one spoon soy is joined after frying divide evenly, break up fry even.

(One spoon salt is joined to fry divide evenly before the boiler since 6) can.