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[bird’s nest is what material do] characteristic of _ characteristic _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Bird’s nest is pure natural, besides false bird’s nest it is artificial complex accident, pure natural bird’s nest is the course is picked, rich salivary acid is contained in bird’s nest, can conduce to adjust our skin, the temperament that lets whole person looks better, the square field surface with very much body of exchange part female is helpful, about bird’s nest eat law and action to have a lot of, everybody introduction gives below, how can bird’s nest just produce real effect.

What material becomes bird's nest

Rock candy bird’s nest


Rock candy is red jujube, medlar, right amount bird’s nest one


1, rinse one transfer to a lower level to immerse in the bowl with water (6-8 hour) wait for bird’s nest to be sent basically, if have,miscellaneous wool is carried clean with forceps

2, tear apart down grain with the hand next put into the handleless cup that stew

3, the clean water with right amount infuse, with dip nest crossing swallow is controlled 1 centimeter (water does not exceed 7/10 advisable)

4, join red jujube to go together rock candy is nucleus, medlar, right amount put into electric stewpan to stew 30-40 minute can

Still have a kind of simpler method: Bird’s nest of boiled in clear soup, the practice is Alexandrine. Rock candy, red jujube, honey can be joined to flavor etc according to the individual’s taste after bird’s nest has been stewed can.


Dry nest everybody every time 3-5 overcomes dosage

The edible before sleeping and morning are hollow edible is the most advantageous absorb, the effect is much better

What material becomes bird's nest

The bird’s nest that stew


Hematic swallow small cup 4, rock candy 60 grams, rinse 1 litre


1, put swallow small cup tank inside, pincers is used after pouring bubble of the sufficient leach that measure Qing Dynasty 10 minutes or toothpick gently winkle feather or impurity

2, after dropping the water of bubble swallow small cup, after swallow small cup is put below water larynx to be rinsed gently, will filter with screen pack

3, put swallow small cup tank inside, after immersing 30 minutes into hotter Wen Shui, filter again, filter with lukewarm leach bubble gently again 2 second

4, the swallow small cup that will clean clean with Wen Shui immerses 2 – 3 hours, send till bird’s nest fully

5, put the bird’s nest that has sent the big bowl that brings a lid or handleless cup a legendary venomous insect inside, boiled water rises into 1 after be being put into rock candy

Take one caldron (the big bowl that can allow bird’s nest of remove theatrical makeup and costume) , after entering right amount clear water, put the big bowl that installs bird’s nest, 3 hours are stewed with slow fire after the cap on the lid can

What material becomes bird's nest

Small hang

1, bird’s nest is being stewed before making, must clean clean thoroughly, important is want eliminate petty feather

2, it is good to if hope to stew,make the bird’s nest mouthfeel that go out, the process scarcely that so costly bubble sends wants lazy

3, if be to give a patient edible, suggest heat is fed; If be hairdressing to raise only colour, proposal daily before sleeping in the evening cool feed